About Us

A diverse, equitable, and inclusive America represents our nation at its best.

For every community that was not fully included at our nation’s founding, it is a core American value to demand fairness and recognition, so that our merits can speak for themselves.

American Pride Rises (APR) is an initiative committed to protecting pathways to the American Dream by fighting for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive America for all.

We work to protect more than 200 years of progress that our nation has made through historic movements that have opened the doors of opportunity for generations of Americans from all backgrounds. Our impact is delivered by collaborating with other organizations to engage communities, educate advocates, and equip allies to respond to legislative and legal attacks on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

From civil rights to gender rights to labor rights, the movement for diversity, equity and inclusion works to uphold American values by overcoming unjust hurdles that stand in people’s way. As reactionary, politically motivated groups seek to restore barriers to the American Dream by weakening and eliminating DEI policies across our nation, American Pride Rises will defend DEI and ensure that the pathways to the American Dream remain accessible for all.

We fight for opportunity for all,
no exceptions.

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